FG4: FlexOffer user group

A FlexOffer is a format and protocol to describe energy flexibility which can be aggregated and exchanged across several actors/markets. We believe that it is necessary for flexibility trading to become an accepted and integrated part of an energy system based on decentralized renewables. It has been initialized by the Mirabel, TOTALFLEX and GOFLEX projects and is now used by 15+ projects in Europe and beyond.

Considering this growing user base, a FlexOffer user group has been set up with the following objectives:

  • Establish a technical community around FlexOffer technology gathering promoters, implementers and adopters
  • Collect feedback from users towards enhancement of FlexOffer technology
  • Clarify and enhance the FlexOffer specifications
  • Further improve the maturity of the FlexOffer to enable its rollout by the industry

Find here the main reference materials related to FlexOffer:
Contact: flexoffer@flex-community.eu

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