We envision the creation of solutions supporting flexibility services for non profit entitles (energy communities and co-operatives) : increased self-consumption, dynamic pricing and explicit demand response.

REScoopVPP develops a cooperative approach to Virtual Power Plants through open standards, open source software and collaborative licensing of smart energy management tools with high standards for data protection while maintaining independency from commercial interests.

REScoopVPP's ecosystem consists of a community-driven flexibility box (COFY-Box) and tools to support energy services for aggregators, energy service companies, balance responsible parties and suppliers of renewable energy sources. 
Key Exploitable Results

The Community-driven Flexibility ecosystem (COFY) consists of a COFYbox that enables the project to make existing buildings smarter, as well as a set of community tools (COFYcloud) targeted at renewable energy cooperatives and energy communities to organise themselves as aggregators, retailers of renewable energy or ESCOs.

The COFYbox is based on a Raspbery Pi and other off-the-shelf devices. Its operating system and parts of the COFYcloud are open source. The COFY-Box is based on existing open-source home automation technology with more than 1 600 integrations. It improves electric vehicles, photovoltaics and electric battery control, and focus on the intelligent integration of thermal storage and heating solutions.

The COFYcloud includes a set of tools for communities and their members:

  • Personal dashboard
  • Aggregated community data
  • Forecasting for communities
  • Future price matrix
  • Powershaper OpenADR flex
Project partners
SNAP! Partners (PT)
EnergieID (BE)
Carbon Co-op (UK)
Enercoop (FR)
Som Energia (ES)
Ecopower (BE)
Energent (BE)
Bürgerwerke (DE)
Bündnis Bürgerenergie (DE) (EU)
University of Ljubljana (SI)
University of Gent (BE)

Funded by: Horizon 2020 programme

Overall Budget: € 4 516 165,18

Project duration: 10/2017 - 11/2023

Scope: EU-H2020

Microfocus: Controlling flexibilities
Evaluation of technical solutions to offer and trigger flexibilities

Macrofocus: Organisational & market structure
Evaluation of organization and market structures for a comprehensive application of flexibilities on a macro level

Degree of Prosumer & consumer involvement: Medium
Evaluation of their needs and expectations as flexibility providers as main part of the project

Technical Readiness Level (TRL):


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