PHOENIX: "Adapt-&-Play Holistic cOst-Effective and user-frieNdly Innovations with high replicability to upgrade smartness of eXisting buildings with legacy equipment"

Europe’s existing building stock needs an energy efficiency makeover that qualifies them to manage and optimise their energy consumption, production and storage. The EU-funded PHOENIX project will design a Smartness hub based on ICT with modular components to seamlessly integrate the legacy equipment of buildings, offering user-friendly and cost-effective services adaptable to the specific needs of buildings users and grid utilities.
Key Exploitable Results


Funded by: European Commission

Project duration: 9/2020 - 11/2023

Scope: EU-H2020

Microfocus: Trading flexibilities
Evaluation of trading mechanisms or prizes for flexibilities or ways of remuneration of flexibility providers

Macrofocus: Technical realization
Evaluation of technologies to orchestrate a (high) number of flexibilities by using e.g. software services

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