We envision to develop an optimal management of the power grids in the future energy system based on renewable sources

Flexible Energy Production, Demand and Storage-based Virtual Power Plants for Electricity Markets and Resilient DSO Operation The European Research & Innovation project FEVER will demonstrate and implement solutions that leverage the potential of flexibility in generation, consumption and storage of electricity for optimal management of power grids. Deploying artificial intelligence and ledger technologies, peer-to-peer trading of flexible energies and a toolbox comprising advanced monitoring and prediction algorithms, FEVER empowers distribution system operators (DSOs) to better observe and manage their grids.
Key Exploitable Results
  • Factory Energy Management System
  • Flexibility Trading Platform
  • Flexibility Service Providing Agent
  • Microgrid Operation Scheduler
  • Algorithms for PV generation forecasting
  • Vehicle-to-grid-charger (V2G)
  • Energy Storage System and Energy Management Systems 
  • Voltage compensation application
  • Algrorithms for low voltage grid observability 
  • Algorithms for optimized management of Virtual Storage Plants
  • Algorithms for flexibility prediction from specific assets
  • Critical event prevention application/ Loss Reduction Application
  • Algorithms for fault detection
  • DSO toolbox
  • Flexibility service consuming agent
  • Market mechanisms for day-ahead and itra-day flexibility trading
  • Intraday market application
  • Flexibility Management System
  • Peer-to-peer flexibility trading platform
Project partners
Aalborg university
B.A.U.M. Consult
Information Technologies Insitute
Es geht!
estabanell distribuciĆ³, estabanell energia
Hellenic Energy Exchange
Intracom Telecom
Stadtwerke HaƟfurt
Stadtwerke Wunsiedel
University of Patras

Funded by: European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

Overall Budget: 9 929 911

Project duration: 2/2020 - 7/2023

Scope: EU-H2020

Degree of Prosumer & consumer involvement: Medium
Evaluation of their needs and expectations as flexibility providers as main part of the project

Technical Readiness Level (TRL):


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