BD4OPEM - Big Data for Open innovation Energy Marketplace

We envision an efficient and secure energy system that continually improves by making use digital services that utilize big data

Global demand for electricity is increasing and energy systems have moved from an analog to an interconnected real-time digital world. Currently, huge amounts of data are generated in the different power systems stages, but this data is often underused, if used at all. This data offers a huge potential to develop exciting new services to enhance the management of electrical distribution grids.

BD4OPEM will develop products and services to improve the planning, monitoring, operation, and maintenance of electrical distribution grids, all made available at an open innovation marketplace. The scope is to develop 18 new innovative solutions to improve the planning, monitoring, operation, and maintenance of electrical distribution grids. Our approach is to make these services available from a cloud-based Open Innovation Marketplace.

Using big data techniques such as machine learning, deep learning, AI, and forecasting, BD4OPEM will gain knowledge and create solutions to support and increase the level of renewable energy in power grids while achieving greater energy efficiency levels. Big data from five European data providers (DSOs, microgrids, and electric vehicle charging infrastructures) will be processed using an AI-based analytic toolbox hosted by the project marketplace. The output from this process will enable service providers to develop innovative services and connect back to data providers.

BD4OPEM will create a seamless link between energy stakeholders and service developers. The Marketplace will ensure secure Big Data flows from data providers to service providers, resulting in new data-driven business models, enhanced asset management, and consumer participation in energy balancing. Target user groups, such as DSOs, will be able to find relevant services provided by different specialized companies.

In this way, BD4OPEM will encourage more efficient use of energy resources and the penetration of renewable energy, leading to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and promoting more effective and smart usage of energy through flexibility and storage. Greater value will be obtained from this action to improve the decision-making process when operating electrical grids.

This approach will be demonstrated at five large-scale pilot sites (Spain, Turkey, Slovenia, Belgium and Denmark) all with distributed energy generation, such as solar panels, storage infrastructure, electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, hydro, wind and geothermal generation.  They represent both typical data providers and service users, providing the initial Big Data input and then trialling and validating the usefulness, usability and commercial viability of the services being developed.

BD4OPEM is an EU H2020 research and innovation project and consists of 12 partners representing eight different countries.

Key Exploitable Results
BD4OPEM aim to integrate relevant digital technologies in the energy sector, enhance energy asset management, increase use of renewable energy and energy efficiency, Enable the use for data-driven paradigms for energy management for complex energy systems and ensure bug data management and analysis for real-life scale research.
As a result of these efforts the project aim to exploit the development of a digital marketplace that includes an analytical toolbox and data lake as well as 18 services (as seen in the attached list). The Marketplace is to be designed in such a way that new services may be added in the future as new needs are identified and innovation requested. 
  • Asset and investment planning
  • Asset estimation optimization
  • Energy balance/power-voltage inconsistencies
  • Fraud pattern detection
  • Indicator generation
Operation and Maintenance:
  • Topology 
  • Observability
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Grid disturbance simulations
  • Impact study PV, EV & new loads
  • Detection of measurement errors
  • Flexibility forecasting
  • Flexibility aggregated Service (BRPs)
  • Flexibility aggregated services (DSOs)
  • EV to Grid 
  • Loads, generation, energy storage management at individual household or at community level
  • Demand estimation
  • P2P trading
Project partners
- We Plus
- Odit-e
- Athos
- Nuvve
- Estabanell Energia
- Elektro Celje, d.d.
- Sustainable Innovation AB

Funded by: EU Commission

Overall Budget: 9 865 590 €

Project duration: 1/2020 - 6/2023

Scope: EU-H2020

Microfocus: Controlling flexibilities
Evaluation of technical solutions to offer and trigger flexibilities

Macrofocus: Organisational & market structure
Evaluation of organization and market structures for a comprehensive application of flexibilities on a macro level

Degree of Prosumer & consumer involvement: Low
Rough evaluation of their needs and expectations as flexibility providers within the project

Technical Readiness Level (TRL):


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