We envision FlexiGrid – Unlocking distribution grids for renewable energy

FlexiGrid equips DSOs with advanced tools to enhance observability and controllability of distribution networks, while demonstrating both pool-based and peer-to-peer market mechanisms. From these market implementations further development will demonstrate a flexible DSO-Customers coordination platform for efficient real-time trading of energy and grid services between market actors.
Project partners
IMCG - Impact Management Consulting Group, inavitas, Eindhoven University of Technology, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Chalmers University of Technology, Akademiska Hus, Göteborg Energi, EMAX, SIMAVI – Software Imagination & Vision, Entra Energy, Sofia University of Technology, OEDAS, OIKEN, HES-SO Valais-Wallis, Energo-Pro

Funded by: Horizon 2020

Overall Budget: € 10 398 905

Project duration: 11/2019 - 4/2023

Scope: EU-H2020

Microfocus: Controlling flexibilities
Evaluation of technical solutions to offer and trigger flexibilities

Macrofocus: Technical realization
Evaluation of technologies to orchestrate a (high) number of flexibilities by using e.g. software services

Degree of Prosumer & consumer involvement: Low
Rough evaluation of their needs and expectations as flexibility providers within the project

Technical Readiness Level (TRL):


Market Readiness Level (MRL):


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