We envision ... to trigger the establishment of microgrids in the Alpine Space involving citizens organised in energy communities.

ALPGRIDS main objective is to increase the uptake of Renewable Energy Sources in the Alps through microgrid solutions
The project focuses on creating a transnational enabling environment to foster microgrid solutions supporting in particular the creation of local energy communities.

In particular, ALPGRIDS focuses on:

  • Developing a common understanding of microgrids and their benefits
  • Creating an enabling policy environment for microgrids
  • Replicating the microgrid model in the Alpine Space and beyond
To achieve these goals, the project builds on 6 existing pilot sites in 5 countries and takes them to the next steps in order to develop 3 key outputs listed below. Transnational exchanges will be implemented involving local energy stakeholders and policy makers.
Key Exploitable Results
  • An alpine microgrid model for energy communities and project developers
  • A policy package for national, regional and local policy makers for instance to improve their energy and climate plans
  • A replication programme involving organizations outside the consortium in relation with EUSALP AG9 on energy
Project partners
AURA EE - Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Energy Environment Agency
IRE spa - Regional Agency for Infrastructures, building Renovation and Energy of Liguri
W.E.I.Z. - Energy and Innovation Centre of Weiz
ENERGAP - Energy Agency of Podravje - Institution for sustainable energy use
4ER - 4ward Energy Research Ltd
DeMEPA - Design and Management of Electrical Power Assets
BAUM - B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH München
ROTH - Rothmoser GmbH & Co. KG
CNR - Compagnie Nationale du Rhône
UDINE - Municipality of Udine
SELNICA - Municipality Selnica ob Dravi
UNIGE - University of Genoa

Funded by: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), European Territorial Cooperation - Interreg

Overall Budget: 1.881.778 EUR

Project duration: 10/2019 - 8/2022

Scope: EU

Microfocus: Controlling flexibilities
Evaluation of technical solutions to offer and trigger flexibilities

Macrofocus: Technical realization
Evaluation of technologies to orchestrate a (high) number of flexibilities by using e.g. software services

Degree of Prosumer & consumer involvement: Medium
Evaluation of their needs and expectations as flexibility providers as main part of the project

Technical Readiness Level (TRL):


Market Readiness Level (MRL):


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