FlexOffer User Group meeting #1

Mi., 20.04.2022 , 9:00 -11:00 Uhr, Online Add to calendar

The purpose of the meeting is twofold: it will serve to sound out and define the position of the FlexCommunity as a whole in relation to other organisations & initiatives. It will also serve to specify the topics the FlexOffer User Group wants to work on. To do this, the fundamentals of the FleOffer will be discussed as well as the organisation of the group itself.

Agenda for the 1st FlexOffer User Group meeting:
1) FlexOffer User Group: organisation, roles, logistics
2) Agree on the "fundamentals of FlexOffer”
3) Identify the current reference specifications of FlexOffer (i.e. which document) based on main projects
4) Relation to the FlexCommunity: How do we want to position the FlexCommunity and what do we want to achieve?
5) AOB & next steps: other expectations, preparation of next meeting