PLATONE FINAL CONFERENCE ‘Digitalize DSOs to Unlock Flexibility’

Mi., 28.06.2023 , 9:00 -19:00 Uhr, Brussels, Belgium Add to calendar

After nearly four years of project activities, the Platone consortium looks forward to share with you their journey, learnings and achievements.

Join the Platone Final Conference ‘Digitalize DSOs to Unlock Flexibility’!

The consortium invites you to discover how the project responded to the challenges brought by the energy transition and the impact of Platone’s solutions towards the digitalization of Distribution System Operators (DSOs).

Together with all project partners and exceptional guest speakers from all across Europe, the conference will deep dive into the success stories of Platone and discuss the future of flexibility procurement, Open Source for energy data management and network observability. In the showcase area, you will have the chance to interact directly with the project partners and the innovative products and services they have developed, discovering the Key Exploitable Results of the project.

Curious to learn about the next steps? You can find the agenda on the Platone website. Make sure to also register for the event here